Being in control of your body is just a ring away.

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Get the full experience of a smart ring without the burden of repetitive payments.

Track your body &
achieve your goals

  • Get personalised insights of your body

  • Monitor your sleeping pattern

  • Understand your Heart Rate and HRV

  • Track your habits with tags

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Personalized Insights

The Inspire Ring gives you vital information on the necessary bio-signals you need to help you improve your wellness.

Understand your heart

Find out what activities are causing your heart rate & HRV to fluctuate through the visual charts in the app!

Track your sleep

Sleep takes up a third of our lives. Get access to in-depth information on how well you rested last night by tracking your REM, Light, & Deep sleep phases.

Tag your habits

The Inspire Ring app allows you add tags to your charts to remind you what occurred during that timeframe that may affect your bio-signals.

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